Disturbing Statistic About Adults and Texting While Driving

Disturbing Statistic About Adults and Texting While Driving

Teenagers received a small break when it came to USA Today’s article about texting and driving. In a recent survey conducted by AT&T, 49% of American adult drivers admitted they text while driving. That’s a startling statistic compared to only 43% of teens who admitted they too text, email, and check social networks while driving.

While any licensed driver can partake in the act of texting while driving, adults are the worst in committing this dirty deed. Why can’t adults put the mobile phone down while behind the wheel? When asked why, respondents answered candidly that “it was a habit,” “it makes me more productive,” and “I like to stay connected.” Three years ago adults said they never did it, but today texting while driving has become the new normal.

The Consequences of Driving While Texting

While states are stepping up to pass stricter laws and public service campaigns like AT&T’s “It Can Wait” are movements aiming and educating drivers to put the phones down, it’s just not enough to spread the message viral.

The reality is the repercussions of driving and texting can lead to increased chances of getting into a car accident and even death. Researchers from Virginia Tech Transportation Institute reported that texting while driving creates a crash risk 23 times worse than driving while not distracted.

When you text and drive, you are not only at risk for injury, but you are a liability to every driver around you. If you are texting while driving and you crash into a car, you will suffer painful consequences. Not only are you susceptible to traffic violations, the injured party or parties will likely file a personal injury claim against you.

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