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If you have been injured at work and your doctor has limited you to part time work, or prohibited you from returning to work, you may qualify for workers compensation. The workers compensation attorneys at Buzzell, Graham & Welsh will assist you in this legal process. There are countless injuries that occur while at work – whether your injury is as serious as a major fall resulting in brain or spinal cord damage, or as minor as a repetitive use injury such as carpal tunnel, Buzzell, Graham & Welsh can assist you in the legal process of securing the compensation required to pay bills and live without further stress.

Learn More about Workers Compensation Claims

Workers compensation is simply insurance that provides assistance to workers who have been injured on the job. Determining which benefits are available to the injured party can be a complex process. Often times, the insurer will attempt to settle the case rather than pay the full amount of benefits due to the injured. You may also be fired from your position while away on workers compensation.

There are several different benefit options available to the injured

  • Lifetime medical benefits
  • Mileage reimbursement
  • Temporary Total Benefits
  • Temporary Partial Benefits
  • Permanent Partial Disability Benefits

Workers Compensation Claim Questions

Q: If I’ve been injured, can I try to go back to work?
A: This won’t count against you, so it’s ok to try to return to work if you feel up to it.

Q: I’m already getting a weekly check. Why should I hire a lawyer?
A: Have you been denied a medical procedure that could help you get back to work faster? How about additional reimbursements, like mileage expenses to the doctor’s office or meals and lodging in a distant city while receiving medical treatment? A BGW lawyer will make sure you’re not missing out on any compensation available under the law.

Q: If I’m already getting weekly workers compensation benefits but still want a lawyer to help me get more, won’t my lawyer just take 25% of that?
A: No. Your lawyer earns money for incremental effort – meaning anything earned for you above what you are already receiving. Attorney’s fees must also be approved by a judge. It’s worth contacting an attorney if you think you should be receiving more.

Q: Can I receive compensation for pain and suffering in a workers compensation case?
A: No. The Workers Compensation Act protects employers by limiting benefits to medical bills, wages, and permanent impairment.

Q: Can I lose my job if I file a workers compensation claim?
A: That’s very rare, and only happens if you are totally disabled and no longer to perform the essential job functions. Normally, injured employees are released to light duty activities and will still get their medical bills paid. Unfortunately, no lawyer can protect your job as workers compensation generally does not offer job protection.

Q: Can I go to any doctor I choose?
A: Because your employer’s insurance company is paying the bills, they have some control over your choice of doctors. Your employer and their insurance company usually will not tell you this, but you still have options for getting second opinions.

Q: What is permanent partial disability?
A: Employers and their insurance companies rarely volunteer the fact that you can be paid a certain amount for the partial disability you will face for the rest of your life.

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Workers Compensation Lawyers

There are a large amount of factors that go into a workers compensation case, and this is why you need an experienced team of attorneys to represent you. If you believe you are entitled to workers compensation, contact the workers compensation attorneys at Buzzell, Graham & Welsh for immediate assistance.