Social Security Disability Claims

Social security disability is a monthly payment made to disabled individuals who are unable to work. The government is required to pay social security disability, but as with anything with the government, it’s not easy or quick.

Determining your eligibility for social security can also be a tricky and lengthy process. Collecting the correct documents and medical information from your doctors is imperative to the success of your claim. Claims also need to be filed immediately and accurately to give you the best chance of being awarded social security.

Types of Social Security Benefits

There are also several types of benefits that can be claimed.

Regular Disability Benefits: Regular disability benefits depends on how much you have paid into the social security system via taxes. Benefits start five months after you have been disabled.

Supplemental Security Income: Supplemental security income is made for those who do not have other sources of income. You have to meet the financial requirements of social security in order to apply for this benefit.

Widow/Widowers Disability Benefits: This type of benefit was created for the spouse of a deceased person who was already insured by social security. You are entitled to a percentage of the benefits if you, as the widow, are disabled.

Disabled Adult Child Benefits: A person is considered a disabled adult child if they have been disabled and unable to work before the age of 22. A disabled adult child may be eligible to receive these benefits if their parents have been paying into social security.

Blind Benefits: Blind benefits are available to a person who is legally blind or meets the social security definition of blindness.

Legal Counsel is Important

Whether you are a retiree, disabled person or representative of someone who has a disabling medical condition that prevents them from working, it’s important to have an attorney helping you navigate the claims process. The attorneys at Buzzell, Graham & Welsh come to the table with years of experience in obtaining and filing the right paperwork. Call today for your free consultation.

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